We are Leah Boyer and Caitlin Underdahl and we founded Currant Table because we love food and we also love knowing that the food we eat has been grown and harvested in a way that doesn’t harm the environment, farmers, and the people that eat it.  In fact, we love supporting sustainably-grown food so much that we have turned this passion into a business plan: help restaurants in Southern California become more aware of local and sustainable food sources and make it easier for them to incorporate them into their menus.

We like to think that this business is in its “seedling” phase.  We are slowly nurturing and feeding it, encouraging it to flourish.  We are expanding our knowledge and understanding of how the restaurant and food production world works by meeting with chefs, restaurant owners, local experts, and farmers.  These discussions are giving us new insights, great feedback, and a better direction for taking the next steps to turn this “seedling” into a healthy business.

Please send us an email at info@curranttable.com if you have any questions about our business or what we do.  We would love to hear from you!

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    • Hi Johanna,

      There should be a little grey box on the bottom right corner of the screen when you visit the homepage. If you enter your email address, you should get updates from WordPress whenever we post a new article.

      Sorry for the delayed response! We’ve been very busy over here the last couple of weeks.

      Let me know if this doesn’t work.


  1. HI guys. I love that you are looking for a way to support sustainability in our food sources. Can I ask why you don’t seem to be leaning, if not all the way, vegetarian? Numbers would insist that if we eliminated meat from our diets, that agriculture would become not just sustainable, but self-sustaining. Just curious what your take is on this, Thanks for posting!

  2. guys! wonderful stuff here….carry on, pls! by the way, dont know if your blog is gonna become one of those vege-dominated things later on…but if it is, let me just say straight up that all that stuff you hear about being a vege aint true….its “balderdash” as they say here in england! i was told eating veggies only would make me calmer, make me healthier, cut down cholestrol…absolute utter rubbish! i beacme a veggie more than 28 yrs ago…more thru my wife, as she never liked handling meat, period…for me i was happy to have meat dishes every day! anyway, im still as healthy, no calmer or angrier than before and my cholestrol is still the same, normal, but no lower or highr!

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